How to Find True Happiness

Are you happy?

Why are our thoughts so consumed with what’s next : : If only I had the newer I phone… a little more money… had that guy as my boyfriend… then I would be happy.

If you know me at all, you’re probably laughing about this topic choice. This is something I really struggle with. I am always wanting to be dressed in the name brand clothes and be armed with the most trendy material items. I’m always thinking about what’s next; what don’t I have now and how can I get it.

But I’m usually just left with a smaller bank account and an envious heart the second someone walks by with a better version.

Our culture is consumed with this. Advertising and marketing thrives off of this flesh-driven, human condition of always wanting more. Society revolves around these lies; if you just had that one thing you will be content.

But coveting never brings satisfaction.

I️t destroys the soul to make money or these worldly desires your god. Greed can stir cravings that manifest into other ugly pursuits.

C.S. Lewis speaks to this issue of contentment. His point is along the lines of there being two different kinds of unhappy people in the world : : one type gets everything they want and still aren’t satisfied and those that give up trying are bitter that other people seem to have everything.

A lot of celebrities are a prime example of this. Wealth and recognition by society do not correlate or equate to happiness.

What happens when your happiness is dependent on that boyfriend you worked so hard to get and he breaks up with you? Or when that new iPhone breaks and you can’t replace it? Our happiness cannot depend on the fleeting circumstances and things of this world.

1 Timothy 6:7 says, “For we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world (ESV). You cannot attach a U-haul behind your coffin.

Now, buying that new shirt is not a bad thing and does not mean you don’t love God enough, but finding contentment with the blessings right in front of you provides perspective.

Let my life say :: If I️ never make that band… God, You are all I️ need. If I️ never get my dream car… God, you are still enough. Remind me of eternal matters. Let soul investment wreck me in the greatest of ways and help me to have a thankful heart.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, take time to reflect on your life. Just if you are able to read this post, you have been given so much.

God is the essence of life and life to the full. He brings true satisfaction. When I stop searching for the temporary pleasures of this world or trying to fill a hole with life-sucking momentary happiness, I find joy in the only thing that is going to matter at the end of time.

3 thoughts on “How to Find True Happiness

  1. It’s not easy to remain happy with what you have when you’re regularly reminded by the world around you how happy you COULD be.

    Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I hope you can find a routine that reminds you of what you believe is most important. 🙂


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