8 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Stories

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to Instagram stories. Try 1 (or all 8) of these ideas to up your social media game. You’ll be so proud to show-off your story, you’ll wish they could stay up longer than 24 hours.

1. Utilize typography

If you have a simple picture, use enlarged words to spice up your story. Fill up the screen with a phrase that accentuates the photo by it bringing further meaning.

2. Add stickers

Too many stickers can be overwhelming, but find that tasteful amount by adding relevant and interesting information like the location, time, or temperature that help to support your message. Don’t forget to scroll down for fun, seasonal stickers or birthday designs to add a whimsical flair to your photos.


3. Get creative with symbols

Try using the symbols like the underscore to create lines (_____) or the slash (/////) which can add a unique, artistic addition. Another thing I like to do is enlarge symbols like the ‘and’ sign (&) to separate two idea.


4. Incorporate both type & handwriting

This contrast can be used to make certain words pop.


5. Experiment with different colors 

When choosing a color for your font type, hold down and see the rainbow of colors to pick from. Maybe try matching a less prominent color in the photo to highlight that specific item. The choices are really endless here.

6. Try a boomerang or disco

The boomerang feature is built into the story options, but disco is a separate app that’s worth getting. Use a boomerang to just bring slight movements to a normally still object or boomerang can speed up a moving action. These can be funny and that’s good; don’t take social media too seriously! Disco is more dramatic and slows things down. Both of these choices can help bring life to your story.

7. Take advantage of saving to your camera roll

One of the greatest features about Instagram stories is the ability to upload stories from your camera roll (this way you can post that disco!). Another idea is to do one step in editing a photo, save it, edit that saved photo, and repeat this process. When you’re done, post all of the saved photos in a row. I often use this technique to exaggerate additional information and since the viewer will have to click more times, there is more engagement with the story.

IMG_0750.JPG   IMG_0752.JPG   IMG_0753.JPG

8. Use filter consistency to your personal brand advantage

If you gravitate towards certain colors and tend to stick with a specific filter, you will develop a “look”. Soon people won’t have to look at a name to know who’s story they are watching and this can be an huge plus if you’re looking for develop a personal brand.

Instagram is a way to showcase your artistry. While snapchat has become a place to dump all the funny, less formal instances throughout your day, Instagram remains a place to be thoughtful and strategic in the way you use your platform.

13 thoughts on “8 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Stories

  1. Very great ideas!! Helpful. I would add that you can use the soft back of a pen as a stylus and add some cute calligraphy and your own personal touch by using your own handwriting. That makes your story uniquely yours! 🙂

    PS: I also get hyped for church!


  2. Great tips! I could definitely use some help in my Instagram stories. Trying to focus on consistency and brand (similar to the Instagram feed). I will keep your tips in mind!


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