Go & Make Disciples

Whether we are aware of it or not, God is constantly at work. But, sometimes He call us to unplug and be temporarily liberated from everyday distractions. To be blunt, the world does not revolve around us, privileged Americans, although we often act like it does.

Short term mission trips in high school were powerful experiences that radically shaped my faith and opened my eyes to a world far bigger than my midwest suburb. The summer before my junior year I went to the south side of Chicago and the year after, I was a part of a mime ministry in Guatemala. God pushed me outside of my comfort zone to show me that he is moving in all places. Traveling outside of my bubble gave me perspective and a great love for His people, people of all skin colors and economic backgrounds.

Now, going on a mission trip is also probably one of the least glamorous experiences. I remember in Guatemala, my homestay was infested with these giant cockroaches. No, seriously… like the bugs the size of a baseball crawling uncontrollably next to the makeshift toilet I was using. Attire consists of your I-showered-four-days-ago hair and sweaty t-shirts. On top of that beauty, I was proven wrong that you can experience diarrhea and vomiting simultaneously (ok TMI, Aly).

So, come on. Why would anyone voluntarily do something like this?

You will experience God on a mission trip. Stripped of everything comfortable and free from daily pressures, you are fully dependent on God. You start to see the world in a new light. You feel the presence of God in the most honest and raw way. You get to love on people, but your soul is fed too. After all, the Bible says to go and make disciples of all nations.

This summer, I felt called to go on another short term mission trip. I am nervous, but stoked to be going to the Dominican Republic on a vocational mission trip through the Honors College at Grand Canyon University from May 14 to May 26 of this year. The trip cost is $2000 and I know God is going to provide.

I want to ask you to join me in what God is going to do in the Dominican Republic on this trip. The most important thing is to cover this trip in prayer, but if you feel led to donate financially, a link is attached & your giving is tax deductible. Thank you so much in advance for supporting me. I am beyond thankful for the people God has placed in my life. I love you all.

Team Member ID – GCUHonorsDRJ18-03
Personal Donation Link – https://www.stint.com/donate.php?id=pGCUHonorsDRJ18-03~55346

Graphic by the lovely @beeberries_


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