Now taking my phone tubing down the Salt River was for sure not my wisest decision. It’s one of those choices you make knowing your hindsight may hate you for it, but the snap story was apparently worth the risk.

After 5 hours going down the river, we thought ourselves and phones made it out alive. One friend losing her tube and left to hold onto a tree in the middle of a rapid was something we could all laugh off; another friend’s phone at the bottom of the river right as we were exiting for the day, not so funny. Thankful that I even had my phone, checking for water damage didn’t even cross my mind and to my luck that night my precious iPhone glitched a slow death. RIP those hard earned snap streaks.

Aside from the petty social media stuff, what was I going to use as an alarm to get up for work the next day? How could I possibly get a good workout in without music? And you can bet I’m going to get lost in this city without directions.

I’m currently on day 6 without a phone and honestly, I don’t want my new one to arrive in the mail. First because those new monthly payments are going to be a reminder of my stupidity of bringing a phone with me down a river and second because life is just so much simpler without it. Not only have I been so much more productive this week, but I have noticed people so much more than when I am consumed with looking at a screen throughout my day. Now, going phone-less is not what I am advocating here; I love the creativity of social networks and, heck, I hope for it to be my profession someday, but this forced cleanse was what I needed.

It’s funny because earlier that week I had mentioned to my roommate that I was thinking about taking some time away from social media. I love God’s humor. He probably knew I wasn’t about to do it on my own.

Maybe you need to unplug too. It could just be a day leaving your device back in your dorm or deleting one specific app for a time that seems to pull at all your attention. Let God open your eyes to things you otherwise wouldn’t notice. What is He waiting to show you?

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