Leaders Need to be Readers

If you told me a year ago that reading would be something I enjoyed doing, there’s no way I would have believed you. Reading was something I did half-heartedly before a class discussion so I could get a participation point for saying something at least on topic. But I believe that valuing reading should not be a subjective question; if you’re wanting to grow personally or professionally reading is something you need to be doing. Reading opens your mind to new ideas and expands your view of the world.

I want to share with you some books that have shaped my thinking about things like career development and faith in these Leaders Need to be Readers postings. The first book I picked to share is one I read through this summer with my mentor called  Next Generation Leader: Five Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future by Andy Stanley.

Andy Stanley is the senior pastor of the campuses of North Point Ministries. While Stanley approaches this topic with much of his leadership experience being in the church, the principles and content is universal for any leadership role. The author uses simple language to describe the essential characteristics of courage, competence, clarity, coachability and courage. Stanley includes many questions to allow for self-reflection and I found myself physically writing my thoughts in those spaces of the book.

If you’re a young Christian looking for a concise, encouraging read, this book will help motivate you and push you to process through the leadership role you hold now or will hold in the future.



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