I am geeking out writing this – my first ever blog post. This is partly because I have no idea what I am doing aside from the handful of tutorial videos I’ve watched (thank you, Youtube), but mostly because of my excitement for this platform; I have the joy of sharing with you on a more intimate & personal level.

I am finally putting all hesitations aside of not being good enough to do something like this and casting out the fear of judgment, letting go of the reality that this won’t be perfect. I ultimately just hope to share my heart.

I am hungry learn and I hope you stick with me on this journey. From discussing some of my favorite leadership books to sharing some of the best brunch places or digging into pursing Christ in a college setting, the maybe perceived randomness all stems back to my heart for the people that stumble across these entries. My desire is that you would feel more inspired to grow in your ambitions and find adventure in the places you call home because of these writings. Enjoy!




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